Gathering at Art House Wakefield 12 hour residency with ROAR

Dog & Duck project editing and assembling ongoing.

Documenting Percy & Lily at the Hide : Setting up.

Mark making and drawing workshop with me over 65 years art groups at Meerbrook Hall and Crookesmoor inspire by Greyson Perry and wax crayons.

Made 10 limited edition art concertina skin folios, bound by Heather Dewick – Price on request

Millenium David & Rhian

12 hour Gathering Artist in Resident at Wentworth Wood House with ROAR September 2017

Gathering 2017 : Artist in Resident with 10 other Artists at Old Warehouse in collaberation with ROAR.

Included in ROAR Art Directory :

Festival of the Mind 2018 Talk about : Utilising full body nude self-portrait photographs, artist Jen Booth celebrates the power of our bodies to adapt and manage serious illness; highlighting their raw fragility and our ultimate vulnerability. This work challenges the notion of beauty, sexuality and self and offers playful interpretation of the goddess and legend, Pooka.

And started a Litter campaigne in the Ward of Burngreave Sheffield

Creative Director and Co-founder of Replicast Art Studio in partnership with private business Replicast Foundry.

A collective of 21 engaged visual practitioners housed in a foundry Replicast Technologies: A leading manufacturer of high integrity Ceramic Shell & Sand castings.

Replicast Studios are a voluntary lead creative group started in May 2017 by Steve & Jennifer, housed in a 1960 science block 2 storey building, based within and supported by private industry Replicast Foundry.

Steve Oxley MD & Jennifer Booth Creative Director

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