Jennifer Booth

Rhesus Negative Exhibition


Exhibiting Artist


May 2018


What is a Pooka ?


Rhesus Negative by Ashley Pearce / Jennifer Booth/ Yolanda Relinque

28 April – 2 June

Opening 7:30pm Friday 27 April

Sickness, death and the bodies we inhabit are the subjects being explored by Jennifer Booth, Ashley Pearce and Yolanda Relinque in our forthcoming exhibition ‘Rhesus Negative.’

Cupola brings together 3 artists with unique and challenging voices. Each artist explores the raw experience of our fragile, yet powerful bodies. Their works have in turn been described as haunting, beautiful, confrontational, playful, visceral and sensitive.

Each artist draws upon their own life experience. Despite differences in age, gender and cultural heritage all three utilise universal symbols which evoke different meanings in the context of their practice.

Works across all media, including painting and drawing, textiles, photography, mixed media sculpture, found objects, taxidermy, ceramics, installation and…jelly!

“The title of the exhibition is Rhesus Negative in order to make reference to the universal blood type. Two of the three artists taking part, Jennifer Booth and Ashley Pearce, are cancer survivors and their work in this exhibition is a direct response to living with this experience.

Many of us have been touched by cancer or other serious illnesses, either directly or indirectly, and we hope that, for some, this exhibition might be a way of sharing aspects of the difficult, unsaid and often unexplored experiences that so many people have lived through and live with.” Karen Sherwood, Director

Jennifer Booth

Jennifer Booth takes full body nude self portrait photographs, which celebrate the power of our bodies to adapt and manage serious illness at the same time highlighting their raw fragility and our ultimate vulnerability. Some images challenge the notion of beauty, sexuality and presentation of self, whilst other works, although still quite ‘dark’ offer more playful interpretations of the Goddess, myth and legend and the playboy ‘bunny’!

Jennifer Booth is a multi-discipline artist, educationalist and strategic project manager, photographer and film maker. She holds a Fine Art degree from the University of Staffordshire and exhibits internationally.

Jennifer is ‘in conversation’ at Cupola Gallery this Sat 26 May, 1-4pm. FREE. Drop in. No need to book. Jennifer will be offering insights into both her work in the current exhibition Rhesus Negative and into her work in arts education, engagement and research.

She may even tell you about her rather odd obsession with rabbits!