Jennifer Booth

The Coup :

Tailored Treatments


Artist & Collaborator


EdinburgH University & Ziggys Wish : Cancer Care Research


March 2021

- Film

Workshop Film


Tailored Treatment Works


Dis-assembled and reglued works on paper

As an artist I make work that explores and re-frames the female body during and after disease, pre- and post-mortality. And though this draws from my experience, I still, after twenty years of practice, struggle to make it explicitly about myself.

Encouraged by everyone in the group doing the same, it felt liberating to be able to do that for this piece. To be able to express myself unfiltered, unfettered and unguarded. To be able to participate not facilitate, in a group that wasn’t about cure or fixing, but in which I was safe to express frustrations without having to manage the well-being of others.

This short film forms part of the Cancer and Society in the 21st Century project: a collaborative research project conducted by leading sociologists of health, illness and medicine.

The five-year-long project, which interviewed hundreds of people (cancer patients, their families, scientists, healthcare professionals and members of the wider public) and also observed work undertaken at cancer research centres and in clinics, looked at how rapid developments in personalised cancer medicine are changing what it’s like to be a cancer patient.

This film is accompanied by Tailored Treatments for Cancer: Tell Your Story – a series of cancer-patient-created and cancer-researcher-created, lived experience graphic short stories;

And Tailored Treatments for Cancer: Tales of Research and Care – a thematic graphic novel of the five-year-long research study Cancer and Society in the 21st Century;

Cancer and Society in the 21st Century study text Personalising Cancer Medicine: Future crafting in the genomic era,

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